Sunday, January 27, 2013

Watertown RTC Endorses Rick Green

January 14th 2013.

On January 31 2013, the State Committee once again will vote to elect a third State Chair in a since 2009. Save a few bright spots, the MA-GOP has suffered consistent electoral defeats and shrinking party registration for decades. Hence we find ourselves at an important crossroad.

The single most pressing question for the State Committee is whether or not to continue the same old failed policies that allows one high profile candidate at the top of the ticket to install his or her person as Chairman of the State Party.

It is the opinion of the Watertown Republican Committee that we must abandon the aforementioned policy. The MA-GOP can ill afford to direct virtually all our resources on one candidate, while neglecting the much needed party building efforts.  Rather, we need an independent Chairman who is truly committed to rebuilding the party infrastructure from the bottom up. We need a Chair that understands his or her role is not dictate policy according to his or her personal convictions. Instead the Chair must allow the State Committee and State Convention to decide the platform. He or she must lead, seeking to resolve disagreements and unify the party by building consensus, not by imposing his or her will.

There are now two remaining viable candidates that have announced for the position of MA-GOP Chair. Both are talking about the importance of building the grassroots. However, only one of them has real credibility on the issue.

Rick Green is a successful businessman. He represents the American success story. He built his $70 million, 100+ employee business from nothing in the most challenging Massachusetts regulatory and fiscal environment. In addition Rick has a proven track record of commitment to the grassroots. In the Spring of 2012 he founded the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, which raised $250,000 for local candidates. This figure rivals the MA-GOP’s effort.

Rick is a fresh face and will provide the much needed independent leadership. He has widespread grassroots support from Republicans of all ideological persuasions. Likewise he’s supported by conservative, moderate, and liberal members of the State Committee. Most importantly, Rick will not be indebted to or controlled by one particular candidate who will expect him to do only his bidding as Chair.

Rick Green is committed to making the structural changes needed to build a MA-GOP apparatus and farm team that can compete with the opposition party and the special interests that support them. This includes making an investment in technology necessary to mine, store and share data. This is also crucial to equip local committees and campaigns to their job properly. Likewise Rick understands that we need people to build a grassroots army of foot soldiers. He will require and empower Regional Chairs, State Committee members, and Local Committee Chairs to build local committees, cooperate with friendly organizations in order to recruit solid candidates for every level of government.

Rick also recognizes that for a ticket to be successful, we do need strong candidates at the top. Therefore he’s equally dedicated to giving the proper amount of resources to recruiting and supporting strong candidates, who will work for themselves and down ticket candidates.

Therefore, we the duly elected members of The Watertown Republican Town Committee enthusiastically and unanimously endorse Rick Green for the office of MA-GOP Chairman. We further encourage Steven Aylward and Elizabeth Mahoney our State Committee representatives and Rachel Kemp our Regional Chair to vote for Rick Green for MA-GOP Chairman on January 31st

New Officers for the Watertown RTC

At the December 4th 2012 meeting The Watertown Republican Town Committee elected new officers.

Due to his many responsibilities as State Committeeman Steve Aylward resigned as Town Committee Chair. However, Steve is not going anywhere; as I'll explain. Louis Fabrizio resigned as Treasurer and was elected Chairman. And Steve was elected to replace Lou Fabrizio as Treasurer. 

This will free up more of Steve's time to do important work as State Committeeman, as Chair of the State Committee's Technology Sub-Committee, and so forth. Laurie McManus resigned as Secretary and the Committee elected Debby Dugan to replace her. John DiMascio will continue to serve Vice Chair and Communications Director. 

At the same December 4th meeting Lou Fabrizio announced that he had resigned Elections Commissioner. At the subsequent meeting held on January 14th 2013, the Committee nominated Christoper Dunn to fill the vacancy created by Lou Fabrizio on the Elections Commission. We thank Lou for her service and congratulate Chris. 

Once again, the new Watertown RTC Officers are: 

Louis Fabrizio 

Vice Chairman: 
John DiMascio 

Steven Aylward 

Debby Dugan 

Communications Director: 
John DiMascio 

Elections Commissioners: 
Bob MacDonald 
Christopher Dunn 
(pending confirmation by the Town Manager and Town Council)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Aylward named to budget committee

The Watertown RTC is also thrilled to announce that our State Committeeman and RTC Chairman was elected to be the regional representative to the Republican State Committee's important budget committee. Steve has years of experience in finance. He will certainly be an asset in this new role.

Elizabeth Mahoney elected delegate to RNC

The Watertown RTC is proud to announce that our associate member and State Committeewoman, Elizabeth Mahoney, has been elected by her peers to be a delegate at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Elizabeth is a rising star in MA-GOP. She is one of many who represent the future of our Party. We are proud to have her Represent us on the State Committee and equally happy that her fellow State Committee members saw fit to send her to the RNC. Congratulations, Good Luck, & Don't forget the Sun-block !

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Great Event.

We’d like to thank all the candidates, people, and local media for coming out to our Candidate’s Forum in Watertown last night. The room was packed with easily a hundred or more people. Jeff Semon and Frank Addivinola our congressional candidates running in the 5th Congressional district to unseat the “Undocumented Congressman” – Ed Markey, had a brief but healthy exchange of ideas. The other candidates making their case before the voters were State Senate Candidate: Steve Aylward --- 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex, State Representative Candidates: Tommasina Olson ---24th Middlesex. Francis Stanton --- 10th Middlesex Thomas Vasconcelos ---26th Middlesex Charles Klauder ---- 2nd Suffolk Also in attendance was Matt Temperley, who is running for Congress in the MA 8th. Thanks to Brad Garnet who spoke on behalf of The Massachusetts Victory office and Senator Scott Brown, Congressional Candidate (MA 3rd) Tom Weaver who spoke about the Voter ID initiative and the importance of activism, and to State Committee members Mike Cowett and Elizabeth Mahoney for serving as moderators. Finally, would like to thank the Watertown, Belmont, Boston, Cambridge, & Waltham Republican Committees, along with the Greater Waltham Tea Party for sponsoring the event; and of course all the people who brought food, helped set up and breakdown. A special thanks to the Watertown Marine Corps League (Shutt Detachment) who didn’t just allow us to rent their facility, but were extra-ordinarily helpful in providing us with everything we needed to make the evening a terrific success.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

News from the 2nd Suffolk and Middlesex District

Fresh of his election to the State Committee Steve Aylward and his counter part Elizabeth Mahoney have hit the road running to get the Second Suffolk and Middlesex on the fast track and leading the charge to bring and end to one party rule in Massachusetts.
Steve Aylward, determined never let the State Senate seat go unchallenged has pulled papers himself and is gathering signatures to place his name on the ballot against Will Brownsberger. Brownsberger you may recall won the seat in a special election when Steve Tolman resigned to become a "family capo" otherwise known as the head of union local.
Tommasina Olson: Steve and Elisabeth also recruited Tomi Olson, Chair of the Belmont Republican Town Committee to run for the State Rep seat vacated by Brownsberger. This is the 24th Middlesex, which includes all of Belmont, with parts of Arlington and Cambridge.
Francis Stanton: And in the 10th Middlesex, with the assistance of Jim Dixon (Chair of the Waltham RCC), Steve Aylward recruited Francis Stanton to run for State Rep against John Lawn. Lawn beat Jim Dixon last May in a special election, when Peter Koutoujian was promoted by Deval Patrick to play Sheriff Francis is a bright new star, coming up in to the farm system being built by the MA-GOP. He had placed his name on the ballot to run for state committee, but later dropped out. In spite of his public withdrawal and endorsement of Michael Benn in his well read Waltham Newspaper Column, Frances Stanton still received 1,300 votes in his home town of Waltham. So we expect Francis to give John Lawn a run for his money.
From other parts of the district we hear more good news. Ward 21 in Boston has re-organized. Under Steve and Elizabeth's leadership and a lot of help from Ward 21 members, new people were recruited to organize Ward 22 which has not been organized for several years. In fact the news from Boston is fantastic. For the first time in ages, every Ward in Boston will have an active Republican Ward Committee. There are too many people to name them all, but folks like Brad Williams, Rachel Kemp, Kaitlyn Greeley, Katy Regan, and Brad Marston deserve so much credit for the perseverance in building a City Committee. This will mean so much to Republican candidates running next November. And who knows, maybe we might see some Republicans on the ballot for Boston City Council in 2013!
Perhaps there are some other surprise announcements coming in the near future. Rumors abound that come November there will be a Republican running on the ballot for Governor's Council in the 3rd District.
And we really wouldn't want Jonathon Hecht to get a free ride in the 29th Middlesex, would we?
We'll just let rumors be rumors, while young energetic, and talented Republicans discern if this is the year their step up to the plate!.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Watertown Republican Town Committee elects officers

On April 11th the Watertown RTC re-elected Steve Aylward to serve another term as Chairman. John DiMascio was elected Vice Chair. Laurie McManus and Lou Fabrizio were relected Secretary and Treasurer respectively.
Steve Aylward
John DiMascio
Laurie McManus
Louis Fabrizio

In addition we are thrilled to announce that we accepted 4 new members by caucus, bringing our total to 27 as of now. We expect more people to join our ranks at upcoming meetings.